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M1Finance is a free robo-investing brokerage that lets you invest fractional shares in all of the major blue chip, midcap, and smallcap stocks for low cost. Unlike other fractional share & robo-investing brokerages out there, M1Finance is totally fee-free and has remained that way since inception. I've been in M1Finance since January of 2018 and it is actually the only stock brokerage I use now to hold my portfolio. I like it because I use it to grow dividends and invest slowly over time. My goal here is to showcase my progress in the dividend growth model over the long term.

My strategy: 

  1. Invest 10% of all income received in stocks 
  2. Invest 80% of the portfolio size in companies with large amounts of cash, have stable & increasing dividends, low beta, have a scalable business, and have a history of growth. 
  3. Consistently dollar cost average 10% of all income received into stocks, no matter if it's a bull or bear market 

My portfolio: 


Check my progress by clicking here. This is the first installment of the "Boring Divi Gainz" series.