Dividend Investing

Keep track of my Dividend Portfolio and Stocks here; Also build your own dividend portfolio and develop your investment style using the tools and information provided here. Dated 10-01-18


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31 Holdings at 6.045% Dividend yield at 0.38% expense
Current NAV: $9.98
6 mo target: $5,000


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5 O: $1.10 monthly divs or $0.2205/share
 6 LTC: $1.14 monthly divs or $0.19/share
10 APLE: $1.00 monthly divs or $0.10/share
15 PSEC: $0.90 monthly divs or $0.06/share
1 T: $0.50 quarterly divs or $0.50/share

Total monthly divs: $4.19/month
6 month target: $20/month


Added TD-Ameritrade after I had some issues with Robinhood. Will use both to grow my dividend portfolio. Check profit.ly to track my trades here
Starting capital: $1,115.92
6 Month target: $10,000

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