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About Dividend Raptor

After I got my Finance degree, I found out I hated working for the man. I worked and gave up 3 years of my passions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Entrepreneurship to finish my schooling and get a job. I became miserable. I had went back to school to finish my degree so that I could have the life that I eventually wanted, which was autonomy, but all I had to show for it was debt and lack of security. 

After the Bitcoin boom and bust of 2017, I became even more miserable. I didn't invest in Bitcoin enough because I spent all of my money on school and rent. I let fear get the best of me and it ruined me. Enough was enough. I had to figure out a way to automate my life and do the things I was passionate about. I went on a journey to figure out how exactly to do that. 

I went on a hunt to figure out how to create the elusive life I had always dreamed of. Countless experiments and failures; little wins here and there, and I started to finally crack the code. Thus begins my journey.

Here, you can find articles and personal blogs that document my findings, challenges, and successes. Hopefully you can crack the code before time runs out...

 Disclaimer: NOT financial advice; Entertainment and personal blog only. DYOR. Dividend Hacks Browse securely and protect yourself Image Map

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