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People dream about financial freedom, yet most people stay shackled to their jobs. They work slavishly for years at their desks in order to pursue the American dream, but for naught. Their debts are mounting and they buy into society's vision for them instead of their own. They always wanted to be a record producer, but their parents told them it wasn't realistic. Or they wanted to surf professionally, but their friends said it wasn't possible.

Most people dream about financial freedom to have the ability to pursue what it was they were interested in to begin with. Instead, they racked up school debts in order to get a foot in the door to that higher paying stable job. When they got in the door, they realized it wasn't anything to brag about. It was unfulfilling, the hours were long, and they became burnt out. They had no more energy at the end of the day to pursue their passion. This is the reality of most people who have their candles burnt out by society. And this is why Dividend Raptor was born.

Dividend Raptor is a first-person look into what happens when someone quits their corporate job and pursues entrepreneurship and passion full-time. Sure there will be lots of mistakes, heartache, and troubles along the way. But it will be a first-hand account in what it takes to be successful. Starting with $1,500 in a Robinhood Account, and seeking to multiply that into $1,000,000 is no easy task. Additionally, the volatility of Cryptocurrency is no easy pill to swallow.

What to expect with the Dividend Raptor YouTube & BitTube channel:
  • Personal Development - Personal experiences with going out of my comfort zone
  • Experiences with trading equities and Crypto in Robinhood and other brokerags like Webull
  • Dividend farming in Robinhood and other brokerage apps 
  • Investing in Cryptocurrency passive incomes such as masternodes, mining rigs, and staking coins 
Why Should They Subscribe?  
"They don't want you to be happy"
Other YouTube channels get exposure because they have already done it. They have been successful and they have the blueprint to get there. They have good tips for how to get there, but they don't show the real side of it. The real side is failure, grittiness, and hard work. Most people don't have what it takes to reach financial freedom because it is rife with failures. The good thing about Dividend Raptor is that it has no issues with experimenting and documenting failures. The experience is the journey, while making it as entertaining as possible.

It is a one-man team
All of the videos are shot, edited, and produced by one man. And editing is constantly being upgraded and learned. Further, it is done on a budget - Sweat equity!

What to expect: 
  • Scaling content quality with audio and video/filmography production
  • 100% transparency about wins & losses or any affiliate programs
  • Vision to be the most entertaining personal finance medium in the world 
Subscribe and follow my journey if you believe in the vision. I quit my job so you wouldn't have to!
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