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$UGAZ Up $0.47 (5%) | M1Finance Portfolio Gains

Since my rebalance a week ago my portfolio has had some changes. I deposited some more money as I made a little bit more income and deposited 10% of it into M1Finance with the other 10% going into my crypto bag. This past month I have become more confident in my trading skills and putting them into practice. For up til then, I was just dollar cost averaging my portfolio to passively automate my investments. But, I changed it up because I wanted faster gains and I wanted to become more manlier and take more risk. Since I've been trading for the past 3 years or so, I now know what I'm doing but I never pulled the trigger because I was not confident. So for both of my stock and crypto portfolio, I have been swing trading and only going into trades that I am confident in or with lower risk than reward.

Also since then, I've received quite a few dividends, some from old stocks that I've since relinquished (to gain profits or to rebalance the port), and my portfolio is starting to get more full. I have few whole number shares of stocks now and a lot of 50% fractions of others. Also, since then I added $UGAZ into my speculation portfolio and it has since performed really well. I gained about 5% overnight when it jumped from $8.01 to $8.48. I aim to sell it when it reaches my price target of $12 to lock in profits, and then rebuy if it goes above resistance of $12 or goes below support of $4. These are just my guesses and I have to look at the chart to better analyze price action. Oil has been a rather volatile commodity and is at the mercy of OPEC, economy, interest rates, and China. I'm not an expert on oil, but $UGAZ has always been consistent with its charts.

So far my portfolio is increasing every month in capital value, and like I mentioned, I am actively managing it as opposed to passively dollar cost averaging it. However some of the stocks I won't be liquidating because they are still at great prices, or I haven't gotten significant gains on them, and I want to maintain active cash flow with their dividends.

Here is how my portfolio looks now:




Total Holdings:
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