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Tryna Be A Winfluencer

I'll be honest. I've been stuck at sub-2000 follows on Twitter for nearly a year now and I've been content about it. I was looking at the what-ifs the other day; as in "what if I had just been a nice person from the start on Crypto Twitter...Maybe I would have had a lot more followers now and maybe this blog wouldn't have been a part-time hustle. But I can't rewind time, and it is what it is.

I had another breakthrough moment. "what if I just became congruent with what I'm spewing out on Twitter and used it on all of my content: my blogs, vlogs, podcast. Maybe then my brand will gain more traction, and I'll develop more of a following. I understand this makes me look so stupid, worrying about follow count and all, but it was more about the congruency factor of being true to myself. Rather than the importance of feeling important via follow count, I realized that I became really cringey because I was acting and talking like someone I was not - incongruent with the shitposting on Twitter, and sounding more professional on this blog. I took a step back.

Which blogs in the past did I really get entertained by, and what about it resonated with people? I'll be really honest, I've been a man child for as long as I can remember; blogs such as The Dirty, Tucker Max, LuvItOrSuckIt, and others within the same type of "Fratire" genre entertained me. The reason why was because they made me laugh and they were congruent and owned the fact that they were man-children themselves. But that genre is dated, and it's no longer truly appetizing to me as mental junk-food. So how can I be congruent now?

I'm not entirely sure, so I decided to go on a Willy Wonka mission to become the "Best Winfluencer In The World" by modeling myself after some really large 🍆 Influencer accounts. *"Winfluencer".

I understand I'm naturally an awkward guy, and I do create a lot of facepalm moments. But I'm learning and I'm starting to take any kind of communication seriously. I asked myself "which flaws do I have?" And I knew that one of my biggest flaw was lack of commitment. So in the spirit of that flaw, I've decided to "commit" to a series where I attempt to reverse-engineer some of the biggest Crypto Twitter stars in order of nicest to "slightly dickish" with the middle being a healthy balance of not too nice and not too mean.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to find out which Crypto Twitter stars I am going to analyze. Join me along my journey to become the "Biggest Winfluencer Alive". Huzzah.

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