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The Super Buff Me Challenge

The Super Buff Me Challenge was a creative docu-series spawned by me as a parody of "Supersize Me" the critically acclaimed documentary by Morgan Spurlock. I did this because I have ADD and also because I thought it was a fun new chapter to start off my new rebrand with. Mostly, I did it on a whim as I do with most of my projects and adventures.

This documentary solves a few things and it is why I even started it; the first thing it solves is that I tend to eat McDonalds a lot and typically right after Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. It is the most convenient fast food thing for me after training when I'm famished and especially so when I intermittent fast the whole day (It's literally right in front of me after I get off the 7 train). Because of this, I realized that instead of wasting money on junk food, why not make it work for me? It will have some utility after this challenge.

Another reason why I wanted to do this challenge was because McDonalds is responsible for 80% of my strength gains today. When I was on a powerlifting kick a few years ago, I would always be hungry and McDonalds was the first thing I ate when I was too tired to cook any meals.

The last reason why I wanted to do this was because I wanted to see if whether McDonald's as a post-workout meal would help or be detrimental to my training. This is not the first time I've ever done this, but it would be the first time I would do this on a regimented level.


  • There is a cap of 2 huge McDonald's meals per week for a total of 90 days (or 3 months)
  • Meal 1) Whenever I train at least 4x a week in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I have to eat a huge McDonald's post-workout meal
  • Meal 2) Whenever I do over 20 reps on 3 or more 50lb kettle bell exercises and 30 reps of calisthenics for the same, I have to eat a huge McDonald's post-workout meal
  • I have a max-budget of $30 per week so I have to spend it wisely and for meals that have the most calories per capital. 
  • I must document myself eating said meals and I must break down my progress each week in terms of fat gains & muscle or strength gains. 
  • I must document the effects of McDonald's on my recovery, athletic performance, and aesthetics after consuming said meals weekly.  


  • Currently at Blue belt with 1 stripe, get the most gains in BJJ per week & hopefully reach Purple belt within 3 months
  • With my current weight being a lean 155lbs, gain 15lbs of lean muscle mass to the limit of 170lbs

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