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How to Automate Your Fitness & Get Paid Using Apps

A new year is upon us and for a lot of us we make new years resolution goals but don't act on them. Or we fail to keep pushing through to make them habits. One of the biggest goals is weight loss or fitness. In fact, January is the busiest time of month for gyms when new sign-ups trod through LA fitness like soccer moms at target on Black Friday, to tackle their goals. The easiest way to make anything a habit is consistency. But for a lot of us consistency is a chore and a problem in itself. The best way to make consistency a habit is to go in the path of least resistance. Make fitness automated and tie it into something where you have no choice but to succeed. Enter 3 apps: StepBet, LifeCoin, and Winwalk.

StepBet is an app for iOS and Android that incentivizes people with money to walk large amounts of steps to win back their money. Or have the opportunity to win more money when others' lose their commitment goals. How it works is simple: people pay $40 to pool their money into the prize pool, connect their fitness tracker with the app, and the algorithm calculates what their stretch goal per week should be for steps. After 6 weeks, or however long the game is, if they maintained or beat their stretch goals; they win the prize money spread out among all the winners.

Lifecoin and Winwalk are similar apps but don't require any upfront cost to participate. The app tracks how many steps you walk per day, and after you accrue all necessary points, you can redeem them for gift cards or products.

Every year is an opportunity for us to become better individuals. One way to do so is to tackle fitness and take care of our bodies. Our body is a temple, and it is up to us to steward them, in order for us to embrace all that life has in store. Make fitness a priority and the discipline will transcend into all areas of our lives. Namaste mothafuckas.

Update: Lifecoin has been removed from my list of automated fitness apps because it has stopped accruing points for me but Winwalk has been a gem thus far.

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