Raptor's Dividend Portfolio & New Purchase from Trading Profits

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Before reading this, check out my previous post on what I changed after losing a big trade:
Like I mention there, I always had a weekly goal to buy dividend stocks each time I made profitable trades, but as I got more wins, the greedier I got. I stopped focusing on dividends and more on short term trading. As a result, my trades got looser and I lost all of my profits in one trade: $NBR

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From now on, as risk management, I will always buy high quality dividend assets every time I make a profitable trade. Each purchase would have a modicum of fundamental research and be bought with a maximum of 80% of trading profits for that day. The rest will be bankrolled into my cash holding to buy more stocks to trade.

Since losing all that money, which had an opportunity cost to bolster my dividend income, I now had nothing to show for all of my hard work and studies. So I start back from square one, and got back to trading. I made a few good trades and chipped away at the deficit. After each profitable trade, my portfolio size already doubled. I was now the proud owner of $CBL $CDR $DVD $AOD and $AWP.

Last Two Trading Days

I made $6.46 in trading profits from trading $CHK intraday. In hindsight I would have pulled the trigger and bought at the intraday low of $3.52 before selling at the VWAP of $3.59. In reality I bought 323 shares at $3.57 a piece, and sold at $3.59 for a quick catch and release. I spent just an hour on that trade, and another 2 on researching a monthly dividend stock to purchase within my budget. I find a decent one and I add $AWP to the portfolio: a closed ended fund of REITs that pays a consistent $0.05 monthly dividend.

Here are the Stats:

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Although my monthly income isn't anything to laud, you can see how powerful the idea of compounding interest is. And you see how quickly I can add to my dividend portfolio using short term trading as a tool. Check back to this blog and subscribe to my newsletter to see how much my dividends grow over time.

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