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Why Grant Cardone is Dangerous (A Pleb's Tale)

 Is Grant Cardone Dangerous? (A Pleb's Tale)

It's 2 AM in the morning and after a long day's work, chores, and working my hustles, I wind down for sleep. Before I do, I pull up a Grant Cardone video on "Hustle Muscle" or whichever "GCism" clickbait was at the time. I watch, inspired, taking notes. Everyday I repeat the process-flipping through different inspirational figures to find the secret sauce of success. A major one was Grant Cardone.

I press play and loud action-themed music sets the tone. GC's distinctively Lousisianan-gruff voice introduces the topic: something like "Yo yo yo it's Grant Cardonnnnee, welcome to the GC Show. Today we're going to be talking about hustle". The whole purpose of the video was to tell people like me that I should be hustling 24/7 because the competition never sleeps. And if I'm not doing that I'm being 'A little bitch.'  The subtext of the video was loud and clear. He even sold merchandise that said "Don't Be a Little Bitch" at one point, so you get the idea.

As a newbie in the world of entrepreneurship, I began to believe entirely in what GC had to say. I didn't want to be a 'little bitch,' so I got sold into his beliefs. I got sold instead of selling as he would say-one of GC's favorite acronyms: SOBS (Sell or Be Sold).  Thus I decided to live above my means in the hopes that I had no other choice but to grow; I got into debt to fuel my first few ventures, which soon turned out to be busts; and I tried attempting to increase my cashflow while not worrying about decreasing debt. This proved to be a lesson as it put me in bad positions. The lesson was this: Do not listen to Grant Cardone when one is a newbie. The fundamentals of business is key. Going advanced too quick will create major losses. For most, his strategy would not work. The next few paragraphs will explain why.

Much of his videos contain subtext. In one of his videos, he rationalises his methods by saying something akin to "Don't worry about the baby money-stop scrimping and scraping for chump change". And in other videos, he explains why I should be making my life hard so that I have no other choice but to be successful. In others he talks about how I should be focusing on growing my income and cashflow-not decreasing debts. In an interview with Peter Voogd, he talks about this, all but outright saying 'people have to focus on the cashflowww man, don't worry about student debts.' The subtext was this: 'Don't worry about defaulting on credit, worry about scaling up [the] income and business.'

This creates a negative tone at the top. Much of his theatrical brouhaha elicits a message to young folks that they must stop being "pussies" by focusing on growth as quickly as possible. Working as hard as inhumanly possible to 10x their life and income. This means focusing on things that produce cashflow opportunities and waiving off the fear of debt. This creates a sharky eat or be eaten mentality. This is good for some but bad for most. It shows that GC is a shark and does not give a "shit" about the majority of people, especially people without the mettle of his caliber.

So what is a better alternative? There is no better alternative. It is whatever method works for a person's temperament, risk-tolerance, and personality. GC's methods alienates more than half of the strategies out there from the conservative method of decreasing debt first versus the riskiest on the spectrum: increasing cashflow first by 'selling or being sold.'

Grant Cardone is a contrarion, and his methods definitely work for some people. But for the majority, he is not someone you want to be taking advice from because you will be wrecked, just like I was. In the following video, I explain how I got rekt going all in on Grant Cardone's mindsets. Be sure to check it out and subscribe if you haven't done so already.

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