Massive Goals for 2018 Plus Strategy Shift

For much of my early-adult life, I had massive goals, but I never acted on them. There were many variables that prevented me from achieving success, but in my opinion the prevailing two were:
  1.  Lack of focus 
  2.  Lack of game plan 
1. Lack of focus

Focus, and a mission to achieve such a focus is needed for success.  It requires self-confidence, amazing support system, and tunnel-vision in order to make it happen.  For much of my early adult life, I had neither. I was inquisitive.  I always sought knowledge, and I spread myself too thin trying to learn everything as opposed to focusing on one domain.  Warren Buffet mentioned during an annual Berkshire Hathaway conference that focusing on one domain is much better than casting a wide net on a variety of focuses.  I still have trouble focusing on a few things because I tend to either have "shiny object syndrome": Getting carried away with what others are doing or getting lost in other interests that have no synergy.  Or, I lack the confidence to commit to a focus.

One of my strengths is martial arts. I have a natural talent in martial arts because my learning style predominantly relies on tactile and visual learning. I was never as good at learning audibly, and I found that the physical application of joint locks came easier to me in the martial arts setting than learning things at school. However, martial arts didn't pay the bills, and I felt like I had to hedge my bets in order to succeed.  So I spread my focuses too thin between school and martial arts, that I inevitably forewent my strength and passion for the "real" route.  I wasn't confident to commit to my strengths, and I didn't make it my all-encompassing focus.  

For many years, I spread myself too thin between too many focuses.  I was a jack-of-all-trades; master of none.  Part of this was due to subscribing to the herd mentality. I was always raised to feel that my goals were long shots, and weren't realistic. So I was always scared of failing, and inevitably swept my passion and strengths under the rug. I listened to my negative "support" system, and tried to subscribe to their visions - not mine.  

2. Lack of game plan 

After years of subscribing to the game, and not achieving results, I finally became my own man.  But I kept facing bottlenecks and failures. I didn't plan my steps correctly, and I kept getting burned. I was burning cash and energy into things that weren't producing results.  It was all my fault for not planning ahead and taking the time to research heavily before investing my time, resources, and energy.

Another one of my strengths is operations. I am excellent at producing high quality work related to processing data, managing processes, menial operative work, and etc.  Just taking action, and achieving these deadline driven work without much forbearance comes easy to me. However, that comes with a fatal flaw in having ill-restraint for work requiring patience and time. Being so gungho about results and action have caused a lot of painful failures in my past. 

Another strength of mine is research. I can be a learning machine. Oftentimes, however, my focus gets diverted easily at the next shiny object. This has caused me to utilize energy and time into things that were antithetical to my goals and aspirations. Although I am well-rounded now, I am not a master of one thing.  

Because of these things, I sometimes burned time due to not knowing what my next step was. I never mapped out a road map for achieving things in a criteria.  

3. My game plan and my focus for 2018

Using pareto law:
  • I will focus 80% of my energy on my passive income journey related to Dividend Raptor, and my day job
  • I will focus 20% of my energy on things that I am passionate about, am good at, and have the long term potential to make me money such as music production, and martial arts
  • I will sell 80% of all crypto assets on an up-market into fiat to lock in profits 
  • I will sell 20% of all crypto assets on a down-market into fiat to lock in profits 
  1. This will provide liquidity without finagling time and energy into technical analysis (Which I am weak at)
  2. This will provide me the greatest risk management for my purposes as a fundamental investor 
I will utilize my strengths:
  • Although inefficient or ineffective to some, my greatest strength is in learning how to adapt. This is akin to being a tactile learner because I tend to learn the most through going with the flow.  Amidst the chaos of sleeping at variable times or researching random things related to my focus, I have found the greatest success in my life by taking action first, and processing the results after the fact
  • I will use 20% of my energy into strategy.  Strategy and patience to implement it is my weak-point.  

These realizations came to me after decades of hurdles. As a tactile and visual learner, I had to learn how to embrace my contrarian viewpoints and methodologies.  And learn to keep away from the herd. Through these micro-wins, and mostly-losses, I have learned to better grasp how I operate and which ecosystem I thrive in.

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