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Sadgurl0x was an interesting bae I interviewed from the Crypto Twitter space. She is an anomaly that never fails to make people laugh with her witty shit posts mixed in with awesome technical analysis posts. Here I interview her to get to know who she is. I might even try to troll her too. Enjoy...
How long have you been trading crypto for?
Well. I've been trading for a bit more than half a year since my friend got me into it. I wasn't really interested at first but then I saw how much he made.

Now I'm addicted and fall behind with school because of it

How has trading for the past half year been treating you?
The first 2 month or so was pure rekt. I consistently fucked up the ride to 20k and eventually gave up on trading alts and [decided to] just ride the BTC trend instead. After that I had a good opportunity to learn trading, because every alt mooned after that

 What lessons have you learned and what is your trading strategy
 I don't have a strategy set in stone, I'm just aware of risk versus opportunity and adjust

What are you going to school for?
Still not in college though. Plan to study programming but I'm not sure

Tell the viewers what price Bitcoin will end in year end 2018
I don't think TA can predict the closing price for 2018 very accurately. But it can give some ideas... I don't think seeing 30k is unrealistic if lightning network doesn't get regulated to shit. To my knowledge the development and node hostings are booming

What other coins will Lambo in your opinion by the end of 2018?
Favourite bag is $DRGN -- still up on my original entry but I decided to make this my hodlcoin because I believe it has high potential. This is the only coin I hold like that.

 Also tell us what your hobbies are, and what your goals for crypto is.  What bags are you hodling and what are you trading?
 Favourite bag is $DRGN, still up on my original entry but I decided to make this my hodlcoin because I believe it has high potential. This is the only coin I hold like that.

How long have u been emo for;  Why you sad 10x?
Sadgurl is kinda the style I have. I'm not terribly sad Irl

Tips for trading newbies:
Trading strategy is pretty straight forward. Forget your emotions and let the chart convince you what's up. My brother has been trading stocks for years, [so] you could say I got a head start. He saved me a ton when I started

 Embellishing on that, with any given coin for trading, do you lock in profits all at once, or do you fraction them off?
Depends on the chart, the coin etc. I need to get more organized. I always have a plan for the trade though. You should never take a trade without a plan for A & B

Which currency pairs do you like most if you want to hodl?Do you use fiat to lock in profits or what? 
I use Bitstamp for BTC/USD, I locked 60% of my portfolio at 11580

Tell us what the future is for sadgurl10x What can we expect from you in the future with the sadgurl10x brand?
Idk. Maybe some Bitmex reflinks for "branding"

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