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@LuminousNebulae is a very interesting person with a unique background. Not only is she a fighter in a sense, but also is charitable with her time and energy.  Here, we learn a bit more about her.  Enjoy.

What is your name or alias for anyone unfamiliar, and tell us a bit more about yourself

Jovian Tempest is the name of the raging storm on Jupiter. I'm a huge astronomy buff.

I'm a mom of 4, above all else. I've been involved in crypto since Feb 2014. I've done everything from trading, investing, holding, staking to mining and working on various crypto projects. I'm just your average enthusiast who believes it will change the world for the better

I understand you're a former software engineer.  Tell us a bit about that

Does that give you an edge when researching coins, and has it worked for you in that regard?

Yes, I got my BSIT in Software Engineering by the time I had my second child. I grew up building and repairing PCs as well as dabbling in programming so I fell into it for school then worked a while in IT support while doing various side projects. 

I do believe that my background in IT has given me a slight edge in researching coins but most likely nothing more than what someone could learn for themselves online with the right mindset and resources. It has worked for me so far and I'm all the more passionate about this space due to it.

You like anime bby?  What is your top 3 all time highest animes in order with 1 being the highest and 3 being 3rd best.  And why?  Do you like cosplay too?

I love anime! It's hard to choose a top 3 because I love so many but 3 that really stick out for me are Death Note, Elfen Lied, and Ajin. Death Note was a great manga so I could not help but love the anime. Elfen Lied was very emotionally cutting and dark. Ajin is one of the more recent ones I've watched and it was great so it just sticks out to me. And yes, I love cosplay!

Can we talk about your medical situations or is that a "hell nah boy"

Tell us what your ailment is, and how you got word of it.  I understand that it was a very rare illness.

How has the journey been to recovery, and how have you been scaling crypto simultaneously.

I have a genetic disorder called Vascular EDS. There's no cure or treatment. It causes me other issues such as arterial dissections, aneurysms, MCAS, POTS, gastroparesis/dismotility. I'm not recovered since it's incurable however there are times it's worse than others. Due to these complications, it's been difficult to consistently keep up in crypto but I suppose I'm playing catch up again.

Changing gears, would you consider yourself more of a hodler, trader, or investor in the crypto space?  And what is your specific trading/investment style?

Honestly, I do a fairly equal amount of each and it's very dependent on the coin, market at the time, what else I've got going on. I have a lot of long-term holds though. As for my style, I like to take TA (Technical Analysis) and FA (Fundamental Analysis) into account. Finding a solid coin with a great team/dev is something I appreciate most and I'm huge on privacy coins

Before we go, predict the price of Bitcoin by the end of 2018

Any other coins you feel will #gotothemoon by end of 2018? and why?

$5 billion by end of 2018!
I don't care to speculate much. I just go with the flow

Are you all in on crypto or do you also hedge with other assets irl?

I am mostly all in on cryptos but I do hold some stocks too. That's all I do.

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