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Wendy O  is a mysterious bae who found crypto late 2017. With juggling school full time, she also trades Crypto and has a formula she uses for investing in crypto. She has mentioned that she likes rock music particularly Americana. Here, I talk with her to get more insight to who she is and her style. We go full-on raptor style, straight for the jugular here, with random questions mixed with serious topics.

Tell us who you are, and a little bit of who you are IRL, and how you got into crypto?

I’m a current Business student studying Finance. I knew about crypto for a while but didn’t fall down the rabbit hole until November 2017. It was something I always wanted to invest in but didn’t. I worked in corporate healthcare for seven years while going to school part-time and HATED my job. I felt stagnant and ignored in my career and wanted a change. At the beginning of 2017 I promised myself that I would stop living so conservatively and start taking chances. That attitude lead me to make my first crypto purchase, and I’m so thankful I did. Besides school, I love traveling, eating and learning about new ideas.

What is your astrology sign? Which signs do you get along with most, and which the least?

Leo – I get along best with Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Libras'

What is your trading style like, and do you think that your personality IRL effects what ones' trading style becomes? Is your trading style technician heavy or fundamental heavy? What is your risk management style?

I love charting. It’s challenging and there is so much to learn and there are different methods depending on the market- that’s where my personality comes in, I love to be challenged. My favorite indicators are using RSI, MACD and the Ichimoku cloud. I also like to draw support and resistance lines (they help me see what barriers I’m facing). Right now, all my bags are long term hodl’s, so I don’t place to much emphasis on setting stop losses. But I do hedge my portfolio with some purchases of LTC, ETH and BTC that I made when I first got in, and of course I always keep moon bags around after I sell a coin.

What is your IRL passions, vocation, and hobbies?

My passion is becoming successful and loving what I’m doing. I don’t know where I will end up career wise, but I won’t settle for something that I hate ever again.

My hobbies are traveling, eating, working out and problem solving. I enjoy researching new ideas and learning new concepts.

In a perfect world, what do you see yourself doing after school? 

A perfect life for me would be making a making 6 figures, owning my own business and living where the ocean meets the mountains

She loves mysterious rocker men FYI. Applications are being accepted currently. 

What do you think the price of bitcoin will be by the end of 2018? And what do you think will be its highest ATH point-blank?

End of 2018 $25-35K. I can’t predict Bitcoins all-time-high, it really depends on how society progresses and what the public wants.

Any other coins you feel will #LAMBO and go to the moon? And why?

ICX – Newer coin with a great concept – team is solid and makes good on their promises and roadmap. I think it has a lot of room to grow

DNR – awesome privacy coin – maintained price really well through the crash and IMO is the underdog of crypto

QASH – I like the concept behind their platform. Patiently waiting for it to hit Binance

OCN – Same dev’s as TRX – seems like an easy 20X during alt season. Did I mention I love alt season.

What is your favorite Crypto exchange and why?
I trade mostly on Binance because they have a great variety, but like Gate.io  and love Coinexchange.io for the lower cap gems

Please shill anything that is burning in your heart

Just very thankful to have found crypto, I really enjoy it and how willing the community is to help each other by sharing knowledge so freely.

Big shout out to @Crypto_Wendy_O for the awesome interview and chat. I learned how cool she was real quickly after some small talk. One of her strengths is researching which comes in handy when selecting coins. You can find her on Crypto Twitter. Don't forget to follow her there for her personal formula and breakdown that she uses for Crypto investing. Also if you retweet this article 10,000 times, she said she would buy me coffee IRL. So make sure to give us both a follow and spam the retweet button as much as you can. #shill 
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