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@crypticci is uniquely gifted with intelligence, looks, and passion.  At only 20 years of age, the sky is the limit for her future.  Here we talk about of who she is and what she is doing. Enjoy 

What is your name or alias for anyone unfamiliar, and tell us a bit more about yourself

I go by crypticci on twitter and that’s what I love to be called. I’ve had people refer to me as icci for short. 

I’m 20 years old and got into crypto ~ 3 years ago. I wasn’t investing then, didn’t even own any coins. [I] just learned about bitcoin and was searching cashtags everyday to see what other coins i hadn’t heard of, until i finally talked to someone and was given the encouragement to buy and start trading

I’m in school currently, studying biochemistry and pursuing med. When I’m not in my books or my charts, I’m probably in the gym as that’s a huge passion of mine. It takes my mind off things. If I’ve done nothing productive at all, hitting the gym makes me feel like I’m bettering myself which is ultimately what I set to do everyday

It is awesome that you are a biochemistry student.  What made you decide to pick that field, and what do you see yourself doing past medical school?

I knew I wanted to pursue med since I started high school or probably even before that. I always saw myself ‘helping’ or playing some kind of role in bettering the future. I also sort of think that’s what draws me to crypto, I think it’s gonna change the world forever. For that same reason, I want to become a doctor - I want to be a part of a field that’s forever changing, bettering, and helping families and the future of mankind in general. 

Biochemistry was my choice because of how fascinated I was with the two subjects in high school. I also took college classes while I was in HS of the corresponding subjects just to make sure I actually did enjoy them at a college level, and they checked off. Probably the only two subjects I can sit and ready/practice for hours without getting bored. Throw me a history textbook though and I’m sleeping two sentences in lol!

That's amazing to hear.  Now I want to change gears and talk about your strategy related to crypto

What is your risk management style related to crypto, and tell the viewers how they can better manage risk so that they are always up

Also, please give us a bit of insight into how you do business trading/investing 

Risk management is huge in crypto because of the volatility. Usually when someone says that, they’re referring to how fast and how far down it can shoot. I think it’s more dangerous how fast and far UP these coins can shoot. I’ve heard too many people talk about how a 50-80% gain is nothing. Wrong, it’s huge. 

Take advantage of it. Do not shoot for 3-4x on every coin, that’s how you get ruined. It’ll dip down 90% and that mindset of hitting 3-4x keeps you holding on. A friend once told me that sometimes we treat taking profits like taking a loss, when it’s not. I’ve exited some trades before at 40% profit and felt like i lost that trade.. so silly. It’s better to take profits, or even exit a coin at a 60% profit, than hold on waiting for 400% and hit a loss. We get really greedy in this space because we’re lucky to experience gains like this, take advantage of it. 

Also, some basics, but never invest with money that’s loaned or borrowed. Use what you’re comfortable with losing. Not only will it add unnecessary stress when playing with loaned or borrowed money, you’re also just not being smart. Some people want to loan money so they can invest with (it) and make more money than they would with what they had. Don’t be naive. Crypto is here for a while, take it slow. You’ll make so much so soon, you don’t need that dangerous jump-start. Start off small so you can take losses of a few hundred or maybe just a hundred and be comfortable with that and continue to learn...than lose 10k of LOANED money, and completely mentally fall apart.

 Oh, and WRITE THINGS DOWN. Sounds simple but do it. Before you enter a coin, write some basics down: 'when did you enter', 'what are you comfortable with losing' (set a stop loss there), 'when are you exiting'? And stick to it. Set that stop loss so you can’t fall down 50% below your initial exit point and still believe it’ll shoot up. These coins don’t care about how much faith you have in them lol. Risk management also means managing your time. Stop holding on and wasting time, cut the loss, and get into another coin with that $.

I’m usually a short term trader. I have a few coins I believe in long-term and I’ve put those fellas far far away so my trigger fingers can never touch them lol. What I like to do is keep myself updated with new coins on the market and learn about them before others do. I also like to take coins that I’ve heard of or find through  and run it through  and see what they have coming up - 

some events are literally guaranteed pumps. If i see a good event, i read the chart, see levels of support I want it to hit before entering, and set low buys. I also read bitcoin. Maybe bitcoin looks like it’s going to take a massive pump or dump, so i might not set that low buy because it could possibly fall through support.

I’m also trying to get better at TA and I’ll use that for what it’s worth.

 One of my favorite things to do is check for low volume and low supply coins on coinmarketcap and do my research. That’s where the gems come in 😊

Love it.  Those are definitely stuff that I learned the hard way growing as a retail trader/investor.  Too much greed is bad and will definitely end up badly for some

Before we go, let's play "Predict that BITCOIN." What price do you believe bitcoin will end up in by the end of 2018?

Oh man, I’m gonna be bad at this one. Let’s say.... 25k??? Maybe. I think we’ll be going sideways for a while and it’ll be hard to break that ATH of 20k...but I’m also just bad at this lol 

Here’s my list of lambo coins for 2018 *ahem*:
ZRX, this little fella was dirt cheap for so long. Still is IMO
XRP, no I’m kidding haha

That’s my list. Short and sweet :)

Thanks so much for the interview, tell the viewers how they can keep in touch with you aside from twitter, and anything else you would love to plug

For now, all I’m doing is tweeting so they can follow me at @crypticci. One day I’ll make a YouTube channel... maybe. But that’s it for now 💛

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