Feb 2018 Stocks Update Plus Free Stocks

My Robinhood Portfolio ~ Dividend Raptor
From last week, my Robinhood portfolio rallied up $20, while also increasing with more cash deposits.  I recently had a sizeable dividend from 2 of my Apple shares with a couple more pending (found here).  I also bought 2 new stocks: $CNK and $TEVA both of which have significant dividends and are undervalued.  Get started with a free stock

My M1Finance portfolio has been increasing since adding all of my current ETFs and rebalancing my portfolio.  Due to this, I increased the stability of my dividends, lowered my expense ratio to 0.06% and dramatically diversified.  Although I am down from $110, I have full faith that it will dramatically increase over the long term.  Get started with $10 free here

After a tumultuous dip and uncertainty from Wall Street, as to where the market was headed.  Including a rising rate/inflationary environment, there was a brief respite with the markets.  My portfolio in stash went back to principle of $10, with my Utilities investments making up for the loss in Telecom.  Get started here with $5 totally free.    
My Wise Banyan account has been performing very well thanks to its excellently portfolioed investments.  You can find my portfolio here.  This has been a steady source of growth and one of my passive income streams that I don't have to manage at all.  Get started with Wise Banyan here.  

Click here for a list of every current income stream that I own
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