Feb 2018 Crypto Update Plus Free Swag

Coinbase Account Value - Dividend Raptor
Coinbase has a unique business model that allows purchasing crypto with credit and debit cards, and also allows ACH transfers.  They are unique because they allow no fee withdrawals and limit orders when using their sister exchange: GDAX.  You can switch between GDAX and Coinbase instantly.  I use Coinbase because of this convenience.  Because of this recent bull trend, and with the rumor of Litecoin scaling up, my portfolio has increased by $100.  Get started with Coinbase and get $10.  

Gemini Account Value - Dividend Raptor
I have been buying and holding with Gemini: one of my favorite liquid exchanges, both bitcoin and ethereum because I believe they are one of the most stable cryptocurrencies out there.  Transferring funds between bank accounts, and buying and selling coins is much easier than most other crypto exchanges.  The Winklevoss Twins (of Facebook fame), have really outdone themselves.  Get started with Gemini
I bought $NEO at the dip when it was priced at around $95, and also got into some small positions in $ADB and $TEL for a total of $5.  I like $NEO because it gives $GAS dividends.  See my current dividend income here.  Now that we are in a small crypto bull market, the value of my KuCoin portfolio is closer to $150.  Use Kucoin to get started with this amazing ICO-friendly exchange
Use bit.ly/raptorcash for $5 Free
After fees, my initial deposit of $5 from my bank account netted me around $4.97.  Overnight, the value of bitcoin rose and now it is closer to $6.  Use my referral link CashApp to get started with $5 risk free! 

Click here for a list of every current income stream that I own

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